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Under the attention, understanding and support of leaders and friends, with the joint efforts and hard work of all employees, we are developing towards a healthy and upward track. This is inseparable from all friends. I want to thank all customers and suppliers. Care and cooperation, you have made the company a rapid development. From scratch, customers from scratch to the present thousands of households, especially our brand, customers throughout the country's large and medium-sized cities in the north and south of the country, making the company's brand reputation, many customers to the company's affirmation and praise. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt and sincere gratitude to everyone. At the same time, it is necessary for me to continue to report to you on the achievements and future development directions and goals:
Whether the company's goals and ideals are correct is important to a sustainable business.
First, the company is fighting for its own development, which is the basis of all development.
Second, the development of the company requires your efforts and wisdom, so it is the company's goal to improve the wages and benefits of employees. The company's wage system should be increased with the ability of individuals' work skills and maturity. Only the personal growth company can grow. Will grow up healthily, so the company should provide everyone with unlimited opportunities and space for development, provide opportunities for continuous learning and training, so that they can grow and provide the conditions for joint ventures for the talented cadres, so that the company continues to grow and develop. Aspirational colleagues can develop their own business in the company.
Third, the development of the company's business depends on the support of the supplier and the loyalty of the customer, so it is the company's obligation and goal to abide by the credit, pay and return the customer on time, improve the quality, and lower the price.
Fourth, the hometown, loved ones have nurtured us, and the society has provided a good environment for our development. Then returning loved ones and consciously paying taxes is our lofty ideal.
V. Serving the People: Profit is a necessary condition for the survival of an enterprise, but it is not the ultimate goal. The fundamental purpose of our operation is actually to serve the people. But by doing this, the company will naturally become prosperous. "Serving the people" is a sea-like mind, a lofty ideal, and ideal is a great cause.
The prospects for the new year are wonderful, and the new year’s mission is also very difficult. Bitterness can pass the border, and hard work can be well-off. If you don't fight, don't fight, don't fight, don't fight, you can never make progress. Xintiandi is done out, but if nothing is done, nothing can be done. In the new year, all our departments and leaders must take the lead, and the responsible persons at all levels must lead the staff to work hard. The company should aim at the targets and work hard on the front and bottom. We must take care of the overall situation, invigorate the spirit, face the difficulties, work together, and always maintain a stable development, review the situation and unite and forge ahead, create a better future and write a new chapter.