Chairman's Speech

With the attention, understanding and support of all leaders and friends, and the joint efforts and hard work of all employees, we are developing on a healthy and upward track, which is inseparable from all friends. I would like to thank all customers and suppliers for their care and cooperation. You have made the company develop rapidly. From scratch, customers from scratch to the present thousands of households, especially our brand, customers throughout the large, medium and small cities in the north and south of the motherland, making the company's brand famous, many customers to the company's affirmation and praise. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you. At the same time, I need to continue to report to you on the achievements and future development direction and goals:
Whether the company's goals and ideals are correct is very important to a sustainable enterprise.
1. company first strives for its own development, which is the basis of all development.
2., the development of the company needs your efforts and wisdom, so it is the company's goal to improve the salary and welfare of employees. The company's salary system should increase with the growth of personal work skills and proficiency] ability. Only personal growth can the company grow healthily. Therefore, the company should provide everyone with unlimited development opportunities and space, continuous learning and training opportunities, so that they can grow, provide the conditions for talented cadres to start a business together, so that the company continues to grow and develop, while aspiring colleagues can develop their own careers in the company.
3., the development of the company's business depends on the support of suppliers and the loyalty of customers, so it is the company's obligation and goal to abide by credit, pay on time and repay customers, improve quality and reduce prices.
4. our hometown and relatives have nurtured us, and society provides a good environment for our development, it is our lofty ideal to repay our relatives and pay taxes consciously.
5. serve the people: Profit is a necessary condition for the survival of an enterprise, but it is not the ultimate goal. The fundamental purpose of our business is actually to serve the people, and if we do this, the enterprise will naturally flare. "Serving the people" is a kind of sea-like mind, a lofty ideal, and an ideal is a great cause.
The prospects for the new year are bright, and the tasks for the new year are also very arduous. Only by working hard can we pass the border, and only by working hard can we be well-off. If we do not fight, we will never make progress. Xintiandi is dry, not to do nothing. In the new year, our departments and leaders should take the lead in hard work, responsible persons at all levels should lead their employees to work hard, and the company should aim at the target and work hard on all fronts. It is necessary to take into account the overall situation, invigorate the spirit, face difficulties, work together, and always maintain a good situation of stable development, judging the hour and size up the situation, and forge ahead in unity, so as to create a better future and write a new chapter.