Discussion on the role of two cleaning methods for thyroid surgery instruments


Recently, the second affiliated hospital of Guangxi University of Science and Technology Xie Lijin and Fan Kezhan laparoscopic surgical instruments Wen Ling announced the paper, aiming to discuss the best cleaning methods for thyroid surgical instruments. Research on the double-joint complete surgical equipment of the chest cavity, pointed out that 1% multi-enzyme soaking plus hand-washing + super-sonic ultrasound + automatic cleaning and disinfecting machine cleaning can reduce the residual blood positive rate of the operation-free abdominal lift device to a minimum, significantly improve The cleaning effect of surgical instruments. The article was announced in the 2013 issue of "China Health Nutrition (Middle)".
300 instruments of thyroid surgery were extracted and randomly divided into experimental group and control group, with 150 instruments in each group. The experimental group used 1% multi-enzyme soaking plus hand-washing + ultrasonic machine ultrasonic + automatic cleaning and disinfecting machine to clean. The control group was cleaned with a fully automatic cleaning and disinfecting machine.
The cleaning effect of the experimental group was significantly better than that of the control group.