2015 China's medical equipment plating demand is endless


With the growing awareness of the health of Chinese residents, the demand for quality and quality of medical services is higher, so the quality and quality of medical devices are more stringent, and the current demand for medical device products in China is constantly increasing. Recently, CCID's staff member issued the "China Medical Device Industry Research Statement (2014)". According to the analysis of the ceremonial device, the development of medical equipment in China presents three major characteristics: strict regulation of laws and regulations, high technical barriers and infinite demand for shopping malls. The statement also estimates that the scale of China's medical device shopping malls will exceed 300 billion yuan in 2015, which together will indicate the demand for electroplating of medical devices.
Strict supervision
The life and health of medical devices are closely regulated by various countries. China's medical device category intends to smear the "medical device supervision and handling regulations", "medical device classification rules" and various subdivided medical device laws and regulations, the production of medical device requirements are licensed, the implementation of commodity filing and registration.
Higher skill barrier
Because medical devices are directly or directly in contact with the body, and may even be implanted inside the body for a long time, their safety requirements are high. In addition to the planning safety functions of medical device products, the demand for medical device plating processes is severe.
Shopping malls have endless demand
Human beings and diseases are always inseparable, and with the increasing pressure of the day and the increase of environmental pollution, the demand for health care is also increasing.
According to the statement, China Medical Equipment will have a scale of more than 300 billion yuan in 2015. With the improvement of economic level, health awareness, the aging of personnel, the continuous updating of medical devices and the increasing investment in medical devices in China, there will be more room for increase in China's medical device stores in the next few years. The occupations involved in the medical device profession will also be rapidly developed, such as medicine, machinery, electronics, plastics and electroplating.
As everyone knows, many parts of medical devices are made of metal parts. The fatal flaws of most metals are simple corrosion, especially when exposed to drugs, reagents and other substances. Therefore, the need to maintain the appearance of medical devices through plating skills. Moreover, the current medical devices are becoming more and more intelligent, electronic, and sophisticated, so the demand for electroplating skills has also improved.