The technical level of domestic medical device companies is progressing


In the past two years, with the support of policies and the progress of shopping malls, domestic medical device companies also attach great importance to self-improvement, and the technical level is constantly improving. The level of medical devices in some subdivided fields has now reached the international advanced level. This momentum will be expanded to a wider range of fields in the future, and then the overall progress of domestic medical device work will be completed.
It is well known that science and technology are the top productivity. With the progress of science and technology, a lot of work can be carried out rapidly, especially medical devices, which are based on science and technology. The technical level decides the intermediate competition strength of products. However, domestic companies cannot compete with multinational companies just because of the lack of electric cutting mirrors in this area.
From the current point of view, my country's medical device shopping malls are still dominated by imported products. After all, the exclusive situation for many years is difficult to break once. The current situation of my country's medical device companies has also decided that it will take a longer process for the overall progress of the work. There are many small and medium-sized companies working on medical devices in our country. Some of these companies have a weak foundation and poor technology. Therefore, most of them produce low-end and medium-end products with low added value. It is not easy to accelerate the development.
However, there have also been some rising stars in China, such as Mindray, United Film Medical and so on. They all have their own fields of development and have made great progress in these fields. The products produced by these companies have reached the international advanced level. The persons in office of some medical arrangements indicate that the large medical devices of these companies can be completely replaced by imports, and some arrangements have begun to use these devices, this is the beginning of the acceleration of domestic medical device companies.
It is understood that in the field of image and heart stents, the proportion of domestic products in shopping malls has continued to improve, and now it can compete with imported products. This is a manifestation of the progress of domestic medical device technology.
At present, the bottom medical shopping malls are beginning to increase in volume. For this field, the technical demand is relatively low, mainly to adjust the product details. Domestic companies have quotation and network advantages in this respect. With the continuous progress of technology, domestic companies are expected to gradually occupy the high-end medical equipment shopping malls. If the low-end products can be sold in the bottom shopping malls, then domestic companies will end up with strong hopes.