Patents and Topics


Invention Patent 1: A breast cancer circulating tumor cell detection system and kit, application publication number: CN103940997A.

Invention patent 2: A microfluidic multicolor fluorescent cell counter, application number: 201410441265.5

Invention Patent 3: A CT contrast agent based on nano-Pt @ BSA bionic material and its preparation method and application.

Utility model 1: an automatic focusing device for a CCD biochip fluorescence scanner;

Utility model 2: a fixed device for freely switching fluorescence of different wavelengths

Utility model 3: a fully automatic fluorescence immunoquantitative analysis equipment

Utility model 4: A microfluidic multi-color fluorescent cell intelligent continuous counting device

Utility model 5: A circulating tumor cell capture kit

Utility model 6: A kit for detecting circulating tumor cells in peripheral blood

Utility model 7: An integrated slide scanning image analysis device for in vitro diagnosis.

Utility model 8: an intelligent speed control device for motion analysis platform